Improve Business Results through Virtualization

It’s Virtually Guaranteed: Improve Business Results through Virtualization

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization?  There are different types, but generally, the term refers to the process of making one computer do the work of many computers (hence, “virtual computers”).   Server virtualization allows one server to do the work of many.  Companies which include Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion, provide this capability to businesses of all sizes.

By now, many Calgary business people know that the city of Calgary, along with many local businesses of all sizes, have experienced positive results through the transformative use of virtualization. Weather done In its traditional form by doing server virtualization using in house hardware or by leveraging cloud computing to utilize virtual servers, drive space and even desktops without the addition of any in house hardware.  A recent survey of 650 SMB’s worldwide, 70% expressed interested in virtualization.

Advantages of Virtualization

Through virtualization, a business can realize significant cost savings because of the decreased need for expensive hardware.  This in turn, leads to reduced capital expenditures and lower costs for server and computer maintenance.  In effect, you get several computers and servers for the price of one thus allowing you to run more applications on less hardware.

Akin to virtualization there is also the use of network storage devices which can handle not the 300 to 500 gigabytes (Gb) of storage a normal computer uses but can utilize sever terabytes (Tb)of storage (one Tb is 1000 Gb) nd it can be utilized as ‘local’ storage by any computer on your network.  This makes it possible to provide this pool of data to all employees.

Cloud Based Virtualization

The next step to take for even more savings is to start migrating servers and storage to the cloud.  When you do this, your applications and data are still available in your office.  At the same time they are also available to you and your employees if you need to work from home or while on the road without having to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which requires specialized equipment and maintenance.  Cloud based services are also scalable, meaning you only get charged for what you need when you need it.  Need extra storage or computing power for a special project, just up what you are using to allow for the project and when its over release it with no ongoing charges or expensive equipment that only gets used on special occasions.

Dundee Precious Metals Embraces Virtualization

Dundee Precious Metals is an international mining company based in Toronto.  It’s IT manager, Mark Gelsomini, had the challenge of maintaining 150 servers located in four different cities.  The company was increasingly hampered by outdated technology and which negatively affected operations and hurt profits.

“Like many companies, DPM was growing faster than the ability of the legacy systems to keep up.  We were dealing with many vendors without a clear sense of how to maximize technology for the benefit of our company operations…We knew we had to achieve more and enable our employees to communicate and collaborate.”  (Canadian Mining Magazine, spring 2011)

Business Results

Virtualization became the key to an infrastructure solution which lowered costs and allowed the switch to cloud solutions which dramatically improved business operations.   DPM was able to reduce the number of servers to 90 – half the original number, through virtualization, simultaneously improving functionality and manageability.  DPM is now implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure to support its move into cloud computing.

Business results have tracked this transition to a more powerful technology solution.  DPM’s performance in the fourth quarter of 2011 broke previous records for profits.

Clear Focus IT – Calgary Small and Medium Business Provider of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Clear Focus IT, Calgary IT managed service provider, helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve success through smart implementation of powerful new cloud computing solutions, through the use of virtualization.  Clear Focus IT will take the guesswork out of the process, and create dramatic results for your business through expert implementation of new technologies, which are transforming the way business is being done everywhere.


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