B2B Secure Online Ordering

Getting our supplies can be a real pain and make it easier these days that often means doing it online.  Hopefully, we all know how to do it securely and safely since the bad guys are out there too but here are a few reminders.

Look for HTTPS

When it comes time to checkout and enter your personal information check the address bar and make sure it starts with HTTPS as this ,along with the lock icon, is what indicates that the information you send will be encrypted.  But don’t just rely on that indicator as parts of the page may not be encrypted.  If your browser tells you that portions of the page are not encrypted have it only load the encrypted portions so you can see what is safe.

Check the Full Address

When you are checking the address for HTTPS also make sure that it is really from the site you think it is from.  The bad guys are very good at making their fake sites look just like the real ones and if you somehow got re-directed to a fake site that uses encryption they will get your information unencrypted.

For Example look at these two addresses, the first is ok but the second is a fake.



If It Sounds Too Good…

We all know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  This saying has been around a very long time and holds true for online offers as well.  This is specially true when it comes to offers you get via your email.  Just because the ‘from portion’ of the email says that it is from your favorite store does not mean it really is. It is all to easy to set up email accounts that look real but are really something else entirely.

It’s Still Okay to Shop Online

Don’t get me wrong, it is still fine to shop online. After all, I do it myself all the time.  You just have to be careful and remember “Buyer Beware” holds true whether shopping at a store on or at an online store.