Prepared for Disaster?

Is Your Business Prepared for Disaster?

One year ago here in Calgary, Shaw Communications discovered the importance of planning ahead for sudden emergencies.  Communications services throughout the city were interrupted after a cascading set of unlikely events occurred:  an explosion in a transformer at headquarters caused a fire that triggered sprinkler systems, which shut the system down.  The losses to businesses, including lost worker productivity,  was costly for local companies.  Additional unknown costs were undoubtedly incurred due to the long period of time it took to recover lost data.

Last week we had the worst flood in the history of Calgary which shut down the entire core, isolated North and South Calgary, and for all practical purposes destroyed some neighboring communities.  Were you prepared?

Fore Warned

Jill Clayton, Alberta’s Information and Privacy Director, has said, “We have been for years telling public bodies, health custodians and private sector businesses… to make sure you have a back-up plan in case of disaster.”

Clear focus IT specializes in BDR (back-up and recovery) services.  Often this involves combining an onsite back-up solutions with an offsite storage BDR unit (“cloud” back-up).  Using virtual server images for back-up and recovery can lower server recovery costs.

True cost of Do Nothing

Many business owners tell us they fear the high cost of setting up and maintaining an effective BDR solution.  The cost, however, needs to be weighed against the risk for businesses which experience a server break-down or other emergency.  These events often cause a lengthy disruption in delivery of products and services.  A recent study determined that 70% of businesses which experience a system breakdown and loss of data go out of business within five years.  With a good BDR plan, these closures are totally preventable.

When planned, installed and maintained by an excellent third-party provider such as Clear Focus IT, costs can be kept as low as possible, while providing the peace of mind for the business owner who knows that he or she will not be forced out of business due to data loss during an emergency.

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