Keep Your Computers Clean

Keeping your computer clean is an act that many overlook. But you shouldn’t! Much of your computer’s life expectancy depends on how clean you’re able to keep your computer. Dust can be extremely problematic to many of the components of computers, so how does one keep their computer clean?

Here are Five Ways to Keep Your Computer Clean:

  1. You can use a vacuum to suck up dirt, dust, or hair around the computer on the outside case. However, never use a vacuum for the inside of your computer as it generates a lot of static electricity that can damage the internal components of your computer.
  2. Never spray or squirt any liquid onto any part of your computer.
  3. When cleaning a component or the computer,don’t just turn it off unplug it and then press the main power button several times.
  4. Do not smoke around your computer, it’s not bad for people it can also cause problems with your computer.
  5. Never eat or drink around your computer. We know this is a tough one but you’ll be surprised at how much damage this can do.

Basic upkeep of your computer isn’t complicated, but it’s important to keep this few, quick ideas in mind when trying to keep your computer in tip-top shape