Windows 8

Windows 8 has been out for awhile now and has received reviews that range from “WOW this is a great release” to “Why did they release such a crippled OS.”  Being an IT support company here at Clear Focus IT there was no choice.  We had to install and use Windows 8; otherwise, how could […]

Keep Your Computers Clean

Keeping your computer clean is an act that many overlook. But you shouldn’t! Much of your computer’s life expectancy depends on how clean you’re able to keep your computer. Dust can be extremely problematic to many of the components of computers, so how does one keep their computer clean? Here are Five Ways to Keep […]

Why Are My Computers So Slow?

We’ve all been there. Our computer is humming along when all of a sudden it just – slows. down. Not fun, right? We have to put together some of the best solutions to some of the most common causes for a slow computer. Here are some classic reasons why your computer might be slowing down: […]

Data Backup, Are You REALLY Doing It?

Backing up your data is one of the most important recurring task you should do. There are lots of ways to do it tape, DVD, dedicated backup file server, cloud, etc. Some are easy to do some cam be a real pain. It does not matter how you do it so long as you do […]