Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Don’t work more, work smarter!

Try some of these tips and then think up a few more of your own:

1. Reduce unplanned work interruptions.

Announce a specific time when you will be available to take care of the tasks that cause the most work interruptions. For example, say you will be available at 1PM to sign checks every day, and that you will answer any staff questions at 10 AM and 3PM. Use your creativity to schedule these tasks at reasonable intervals. This leaves you larger periods of uninterrupted time to focus on the more important things you need to accomplish during the day.

2. Don’t let meetings drag on.

Have a set time, both to begin and to end meetings. Have an agenda for the meeting emailed to participants before the meeting to help ensure that employees will focus on the main reasons for the meeting and not get side-tracked onto less important matters.

3. Stop going to the post office.

Schedule mail pick-ups at your office or residence, if necessary. Set up a mail preparation station at the office with prepaid envelopes, a scale to weigh mail, and express and overnight cardboard containers in various sizes along with the corresponding postal forms.

4. Delegate more routine tasks.

Examine your work schedule closely. Are there simple, repetitive things that you do simply because you have always done them? If something can be delegated, by all means, find an employee or associate who can do these for you.

5.Take healthy breaks.

Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, drinking more coffee or smoking a cigarette to relieve the afternoon doldrums, take a ten-minute walk around the building or down the street and back, in order to increase your energy level and clear your head. You will be more productive when you return to your desk .