Tracking Apps Made It Into Apple App Store.

After the firm SourceDNA discovered over 200 Apple store apps that track personal data Apple has announced the will be removing them from the store. Full Article

25% of users got hacked during the last 12 months

New research by Kaspersky Lab shows that in the last 12 months every fourth Internet user had at least one of their online accounts hacked. This led to unauthorized messages being sent out in the users’s name (apparently not to wish anyone happy birthday), and the loss or theft of personal data.Full Article

Apple Expanding Flash Blocking

In response to the latest Flash update, Apple has announced that it will blocking older versions of Flash for Safari on the OS X platforms. Full Article

eCommerce Protection

Because of a reluctance to rely on consumers to download security protection to their computers, browser-based ecommerce fraud fighting has been reactive — layers of authentication systems on the front end of a transaction in combination with back-end systems that gather and analyze data after an online sale has been completed. These legacy systems provide […]

The Mobile Office – It’s Already Here

 They’re Everywhere Sipping a carmel machiatto expresso in the neighborhood coffee shop, the woman sitting at a nearby table stares intently at the screen of her laptop, which displays a bright yellow graph. It is easy to spot them. At cafes, gyms, in the mountains and at the beach, employees are working on their mobile […]

Windows 8

Windows 8 has been out for awhile now and has received reviews that range from “WOW this is a great release” to “Why did they release such a crippled OS.”  Being an IT support company here at Clear Focus IT there was no choice.  We had to install and use Windows 8; otherwise, how could […]

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Don’t work more, work smarter! Try some of these tips and then think up a few more of your own: 1. Reduce unplanned work interruptions. Announce a specific time when you will be available to take care of the tasks that cause the most work interruptions. For example, say you will be available at 1PM […]

Prepared for Disaster?

Is Your Business Prepared for Disaster? One year ago here in Calgary, Shaw Communications discovered the importance of planning ahead for sudden emergencies.  Communications services throughout the city were interrupted after a cascading set of unlikely events occurred:  an explosion in a transformer at headquarters caused a fire that triggered sprinkler systems, which shut the […]

What is a vCIO

What is a vCIO and How Would it Benefit my Business? C-Level Executives In most large businesses, the CEO (chief executive officer) works with other executive-level, ‘C Level’, people to meet the company’s goals.  Examples include CFO (chief financial officer) and COO (chief operating officer). The CIO One of these roles is the CIO (chief […]

How Good Are Your Passwords

Passwords, Passwords and Yet More Passwords In today’s online world it sometimes seems as though everything we do needs a password.     Want to use your computer?   Enter your password.  You’re on your device and now you want to access your bank account, credit card information, broker account, HR system, and the list goes on.  More […]